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NEW Debit Card Alerts

Our newest online/mobile banking alert notifies you any time your debit card is used.  Use it to help keep track of your family's spending, or to ensure there aren't any fraudulent debit card transactions on your account.

To set it up, go to the alerts section of online or mobile banking, and choose "add an alert".  We recommend setting up the "ATM/Debit Card Authorized" alert at a minimum, as this will alert you immediately when the selected card is used for most transactions.  You can also setup the "ATM/Debit Card Completed" alert to see the final amount of transactions at places like restaurants and gas stations.  The 'completed' alert is also used for transactions where you enter your PIN, like ATMs.  When you choose the alert type, make sure and select your debit card as the account, and not your checking account.  Finally, choose your delivery method (text or email) and your all set! 

Give us a call if you need help setting it up, and we'll walk you through it.



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